Our one main area of activitys is wholesale and project sale of various lamps and illuminants, as well as the matters bound up with lighting control. Besides we offer our customers interesting solutions in the area of illumination engineering and, in case of need, perform the control of calculation of the illumination. Managers of the enterprise have a sufficient experience in this area of activity. We sell only qualitative production the working efficiency of which is confirmed by the fact of its longstanding functioning in order to elude dissatisfaction of the customers. The confidence of the customer is important for us and, in this respect, we create a sound foundation for our longstanding and harmonious cooperation. We constantly renew and improve the assortment of our production and are always opened for new partnership proposals from the part of suppliers, projectors, designers, as well as from the part of commercial enterprises.

The main products include indoor LED spotlights, bulb lights, downlights, ceiling lights, panel lights, fluorescent tubes and outdoor tunnel lights, buried lights, underwater lights and other lighting products.

Free download of DIALux lighting calculation software: www.dialux.com
Hansamoda Trading OÜ
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